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The 2011 conference of AEPL, The Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning, was held in Estes Park, Colorado in June. The theme of the conference was "Literacy for Love and Wisdom," and teachers at all levels of the educational spectrum shared what they are doing to help students move in the direction of greater love and wisdom. Personal teacher stories and portions of conference activities were video recorded, and those that were technically suitable appear here.

Teachers Telling their Stories

Unwitting Wisdom Kristin G. Bensen-Hause, Broome Community College, Binghamton, NY. (6 min, 05 sec)   (Also at YouTube)

Contemplative Pedagogy: A Journey to Wholeness and Meaning Rupert Clive Collister, PhD, Independent Writer and Scholar. (20 min, 56 sec)   (Also at YouTube)
          Below are links to the class exericses and other materials that Dr.
          Collister has used in his courses:

          Teacher guided version of a Pema Chödrön "loving-kindness" meditation
          Teacher guided version of a Jack Miller"loving-kindness" meditation
          Holism statements
          Reflections on Experience activities
          Circle Protocols
          Appreciative Inquiry
A Journey in Search of Wholeness and Meaning (Info about Rupert Collister's book)

Lectio Divina Scott Simpson, PhD, Educational Specialist, Technology and Innovation in Education, Rapid City, SD. (11 min 55 sec)   (Also at YouTube)
          The AEPL 2011 Lectio Divina Handout (PDF format)
          Scott Simpson's Wiki Space

Communitas: The Wisdom-Centered School Theodore Timpson, Young Spirit Foundation, Palo Alto, CA. (19 min 58 sec)   (Also at YouTube)

Course Design: Using the Personal Creed Project to Help Students Cultivate Wisdom John Creger, American High School, Fremont, CA (13 min 35 sec)   (Also at YouTube)
          The Personal Creed Project and a New Vision of Learning (Info about John
          Creger's book)

Education for Love and Wisdom Bruce Novak, PhD, The Foundation for Ethics and Meaning (43 min 50 sec)   (Also at YouTube)
           Teaching Literacy for Love and Wisdom (Info about the book by Jeffrey D.
           Wilhelm and Bruce Novak that is the subject of this video.)

Excerpt from Plenary Presentation

Noetry: Verse at Play in the Fields of Noetic Science Alan Nordstrom, PhD, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL (11 min 50 sec)   (Also at YouTube)
          An MS Word file containing all of Alan's "Noetry" poems

Workshops, and Excerpts from Concurrent Sessions

Writing Spiritual Memoirs Nan Phifer, Oregon Writing Project (1 hour 14 min)   (There is a shortened version — 14 min 35sec — at YouTube)
           The handout given to workshop participants (DOC file)    (PDF version)
           Workshop Description
           Memoirs of the Soul (Info about Nan Phifer's book and workshops)

Excerpts from: Teaching 21st Century Skills through Humanistic Educational Principles Brandi Williams Palmer, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO (8 min 48 sec)   (Also at YouTube)

Excerpts from: Getting a Life through Personal Writing about Life Alan Nordstrom, PhD, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL. (18 min 27 sec)   (Also at YouTube)