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What Can You and I Do to Create a Heaven on Earth?

More than half a dozen years ago, Martin Rutte recognized the power for positive change in the image and concept of HEAVEN ON EARTH. In 2004 he launched Project Heaven on Earth and its website at      (Additional links to his materials here.)

Whether we are religious or not, the heaven-on-earth idea resonates. While each of us is likely to imagine the details differently, for me it means a world in which everything is going right for everyone. It is an idea that stirs the imagination and can motivate us to do something personal to help bring it about.

The idea of heaven on earth resonated with John E. Wade, II who was motivated to devote time, energy, and money into creating the book How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth. It contains 101 essays by people from all walks of life. Some of the contributors are prominent people with recognizable names: Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Al Gore, and others. Regardless of author prominence, each essay helps clarify the issue. Together, they present a wealth of thoughtful perspectives and action suggestions.

Click here for Pelican Publishing's information about the book.

Books can be ordered from the publisher PelicanPublishing,,,
,    Barnes&,   Powells Books,  other online booksellers, and your local bookstore.

To give you a taste of the book we are fortunate to be able to share five of its essays with you:

Martin Rutte
Turning Our Dream of Heaven on Earth into Reality

(See also his essay The 3 Heaven on Earth Questions)

Maida Rogerson
Many Mothers

Darlene MacInnis
Healing Holes In Hearts

(Also, listen to her CBC Radio interview)

Nicholas Maxwell
We Urgently Need an Academic Revolution
Copthorne Macdonald
The Centrality of Wisdom

Want to fully grasp the power and appropriateness of the creating-a-heaven-on-earth idea in an hour? I strongly recommend listening to the Podcast of a remarkable conversation between Martin Rutte and Lea Houston, the founder of Co-Creating Heaven on Earth. You want clarity? It's here.

Martin Rutte and Jeffrey Milburn had a fascinating and informative 44-minute conversation about the heaven-on-earth concept and the book. It is online in streaming audio at Omni Art Salon — 251 and on this site as a Wisdom Page podcast.

Here, too, are short videos by authors of the above essays in which they share their feelings about the concept, the book, and actions we might want to take. These videos are also on YouTube.

          Martin Rutte

          Maida Rogerson

          Darlene MacInnis

          Copthorne Macdonald

Reviews of The Book

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Invitation to Contribute to a Discussion About Creating Heaven on Earth

We know that EVERYONE has a sense of what a heaven on earth would be like. What are YOUR thoughts on this subject? What suggestions do YOU have?

Perhaps you'd find helpful the three thought-stirring questions that Martin Rutte often asks:

1) Tell me a time when you experienced Heaven on Earth? Vividly recall what was going on.

2) Here's a magic wand and you can have Heaven on Earth. What is Heaven on Earth?

3) What small, simple, easy actions will you take in the next twenty-four hours to continue creating and enjoying Heaven on Earth?

The Wisdom Page has started a discussion forum called Creating Heaven on Earth, and we would love to have you share your ideas and suggestions.


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