The Wisdom Page 



Rainer Maria Rilke advised an aspiring young poet not to impatiently seek answers but to "live the questions now," and perhaps "live along some distant day into the answer." Many of us have been living meaningful questions. Questions about wisdom. Questions about human well-being. Questions about other fundamental issues.

LIVING THE QUESTIONS is a Wisdom Page feature that invites us to visit (or revisit) some of these significant questions and to share our current take on them. It takes the form of a blog where the postings are the questions, and visitor comments respond to those questions. The hope is that a kind of co-creative movement forward could arise from this — giving us if not "THE ANSWER" to a particular question, perhaps at least some hints about an answer, some fresh ways of considering the question, or some new avenues to explore.

Visit LIVING THE QUESTIONS, comment on the questions or comments already posted, and if you have ideas for new questions, please submit them to