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In an extremely generous gesture, Jason Merchey is giving away copies of these important and visually attractive books. Whether resting on your coffee table for snuggle-up reading on the couch, or on your bedside table, they will enrich your life.

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This 289 page hardcover book is a unique compilation of the thoughts of some of the world's wisest and deepest thinkers. If you care about values and want to be in the compay of humanistic sages, go no further. More than just a book of quotations, Building a Life of Value is a fusion of great thinking—from classical to contemporary, from philosophical to poetic. This elegantly organized collection brings an exciting and eclectic group of thinkers to the table. It is a blueprint for "building a life of value," and a resource you won't want to be without. It will stimulate your thinking, energize your spirit, and deepen your understanding of human nature.

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Edited by Jason Merchey, this is the second book in the series that explores "the life of value." Included in this paperback's 744 pages are essays on values and ethics by 44 deep-thinking contemporary writers, including Wendell Berry, Barbara Ehrenreich, Riane Eisler, Duane Elgin, William Greider, Hazel Henderson, Mark Kingwell, Wes Nisker, Peter Russell, and many others. The book is a unique collection that brings a fresh perspective to values, morality and wisdom.

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