Stephen Awoyemi, BSc, MSc

All his life, as far as Stephen Awoyemi can remember, he has sought for meaning. It is true that this is a universal hunger common to all humanity. But it seems the sacrifices he made on this quest were beyond the ordinary. After journeying through fundamentalist Christianity from the beginning and then breaking down with repeated relapses of religious Schizophrenia, he began to emerge in consciousness as he put all the pieces together in unravelling the mystery of life. The Wisdom Page contributed to his explorations of consciousness these past years. Stephen is a conservation biologist and President of the Africa Section of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB), and President of the Religion and Conservation Biology Working Group (RCBWG) SCB. He graduated in October 2014 from an MPhil Course in Conservation Leadership in the University of Cambridge, UK on a Miriam Rothschild Scholarship. Previous degrees were BSc Zoology (2001) and MSc Zoology (2008) from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Stephen has served on international boards and committees for thirteen years and currently works as Conservation Policy and Campaign Officer/Head of Abuja Office of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation.