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A statement by David Woolfson, President of the Club of Budapest Canada, in late December 2006:


The World Wisdom Alliance (WWA) is a new 'mega-network' of like-minded organizations and individuals actively addressing our current societal and ecological challenges and opportunities - both globally and locally.

The Alliance was launched in Toronto, Canada from July 26 to 28, 2006 with the support of The Club of Budapest Canada and the World Wisdom Council (WWC). Nearly 200 people from around the world participated, many on behalf of their 'better world' organizations.

The WWA was conceived and submitted for endorsement by the World Wisdom Council in response to the pressing need to address our growing challenges and opportunities with wisdom and foresight in a shrinking time-frame. The question for our time has become: Will humanity be overwhelmed by the complex challenges now before us or will we overcome them through wise leadership and collaborative action to enter a new 'global' era of sustainability and partnership?

To quote from the WWC's Mission Statement; "The main requirement in this age of discontinuity and transformation is to recognize that through the development of a new global level of consciousness the world can be constructively changed."

The World Wisdom Alliance will bring together 'global thought leaders', 'better world' organizations, all sectors of society, and all cultures in a multi-faceted web community towards this broad vision and goal.

The WWA's on-line community will be a dynamic virtual space for connection, communication and collaboration. It will greatly enhance the effectiveness of Alliance members in addressing our shared global/local challenges and opportunities. The WWA will further empower its members to have a 'global voice' for a better world and a positive future.

The WWA membership framework is now being finalized and our web community designed in association with The People's World. We expect that the WWA will be fully operational by early spring 2007.

Ultimately, thousands of organizations and hundreds of thousands of global citizens may join in shared vision and action toward an urgently needed new 'world community'. Please join us in our founding year!