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The Wisdom Research Network

In 2007, the University of Chicago's Arete Initiative announced a $2 million research program "on the nature and benefits of wisdom." Researchers who had received their PhDs within the past ten years were invited to submit research proposals. Also, a plan was announced to initiate, in 2008, a network that would facilitate communication between and among researchers, scholars, and others who had a deep interest in wisdom. That plan has come to fruition, and the Wisdom Research Network website is now in operation at:

Wisdom-interested individuals are invited to become registered members: "Please join us in the ongoing investigations on the nature and benefits of wisdom. All are welcome to the Wisdom Research Network."

The announcement on the website goes on to say:

Wisdom-related news and recent publications are posted regularly to the site, along with updates on the progress of the current Defining Wisdom grant competition. As a registered member, you may actively participate in the discussion forums, and create your own personal profile that may include your photo, biographical summary, as well as, your own research interests and publications.

This is truly an exciting development. To register, click here.