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Jason Merchey


Introduction:     Jason Merchey graduated from the University of California (Irvine) with highest honors, was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, and earned a Master's degree in clinical psychology from California State University (Fullerton). His is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education degree at the University of San Francisco.

Jason has chosen to focus on what he considers to be the essential core of wisdom: values — specifically, those values that he has come to call the "values of the wise." To further the cause of wisdom and to inspire people to live "lives of value," he has taken a number of initiatives.

  • Through extensive reading, he has to date come across some 18,000 statements related to wisdom and values. He has taken these quotations and created a searchable database that correlates them to 38 key values which be believes "capture the aspirations and mindset of the wise person — which can be instructive for how we ought to live our lives as individuals and a society."
  • He formed an organization called Values of the Wise to make wisdom- and values-related materials available to those who are interested. To date these materials include books in the "Values of the Wise Series," his values database which is now available online at www.valuesofthewise.com, and other wisdom-related materials such as an audio version of one of his books and a web-based values-assessment tool.
  • He has also used the Internet in another way: internet broadcasting. For more than two years, Jason interviewed noted individuals on his talk radio show Values and Ethics: From Living Room to Boardroom.
  • He has written one book and edited another. In Building a Life of Value Jason presents his quotation research in book form, with the quotations organized by value categories. The book he edited, Living a Life of Value, contains 74 essays by a list of authors that includes Wendell Berry, Barbara Ehrenreich, Rianne Eisler, William Greider, Hazel Henderson, Mark Kingwell, Wes Nisker, Anita Roddick, Howard Zinn, and others.

Jason's books and his other activities have received high praise by respected academics, authors, and journalists - including Bill Moyers who found Living a Life of Value a source of "insight, illumination, and inspiration." (An extensive compilation of these comments can be found at http://www.valuesofthewise.com/Public/About/PraiseforValuesoftheWise/index.cfm)

Email:     jasoniswhoiam@yahoo.com

Personal Web Site:    http://www.valuesofthewise.com/

Jason Merchey's Wisdom Archive quotation database:    http://www.valuesofthewise.com/Public/servicepages/quotationsearchresults/index.cfm?

Archived wisdom-related interviews from Jason Merchey's internet talk radio show Values and Ethics: From Living Room to Boardroom:


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Essay:  From Techne to Phronesis