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Scott C. Brown 


Introduction:     Scott C. Brown, Ph.D., is Associate Vice-President and Dean of Students at Colgate University. His research on student learning includes Learning Across the Campus: How College Facilitates the Development of Wisdom, a theory detailing the process of how students integrate what they learn in and out of class and on and off campus, and how they apply what they learn to their lives. He is currently developing the Wisdom Development Scale (WDS) with Jeffrey A. Greene from the University of North Carolina.

Email:     sbrown@mail.colgate.edu

Biography, Bibliography, and Full-Text Articles:     These are all available on Scott Brown's web page at the Colgate University website: http://www.colgate.edu/DesktopDefault1.aspx?tabid=4119     Almost all of his published articles and book chapters are available there as downloadable PDF documents.