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Wise Society Index

Many people have challenged the use of GNP as a measure of societal success and some useful attempts have been made to develop a Human Development Index (HDI) and Happiness Indices (HI), or State of the Future Index (SOFI). In a recent article (Integral Leadership Review Volume VIII, No. 5 - October 2008 and on this web site) I suggested that the world would benefit from a Wise Society Index (WSI).

But what could go into such an index? What could we try to measure? And how could it actually be measured?

I am conducting ‘brainstorming’ sessions on our Masters programmes concerned with Leadership to see where we might start with such an exercise. I would suggest it would be a valuable exercise for many, if not all, leadership programmes and, perhaps, we could all share the results.

In addition to the above I thought it would be useful to undertake this exercise through other networks.

So what are your suggestions? What should we try to measure in a Wise Society Index and how could we go about trying to measure it?

Obviously there are no perfect answers, and the whole process should be dynamic, but I will put together replies and then circulate them for further discussion.

Dr Bruce Lloyd

Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management