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Elisabet Sahtouris comments at the launch of the World Wisdom Alliance

Welcome everyone. I'll add my points to congratulating you all for being here at this truly momentous time in history. Certainly in my seventy years there have never been so many critical situations going on on earth at once. Our species cut its teeth on half a dozen ice ages. We're now facing a hot age. It's brand new; the biggest pioneering challenge in the history of humanity. It's going to be a wild ride. An exciting ride.

Mark, stand up for a minute. Is there anyone else under twenty in the room? If there is, please stand up also. Because this is the future; these two young people represent the future. [Applause] Indeed, almost entirely their planet very shortly. I think the most important thing on their agenda is what they're doing. What I see on the Internet is they're not interested in greed, they're not interested in warfare, they're not interested in racism; they want to build a gifting society for each other. And they don't have to clean up our mess. They can make the world they believe in, they want — and I want you all to help them. To help them deeply. To commit to recruiting as many young people as you can to every one of your organizations. To all become visible. To reinitiate the spirit of the sixties — which is what promoted such a big reaction that the whole neocon movement in the world was built because of our danger — the danger that we represented to really build a people's world. So the next wave is going to be more powerful. It's going to be surfing waves of change we've never seen before. And I'm very excited about what the young people are doing. I hope they're going to initiate boycotts against Cargill, Monsanto, and all the soy-fed chickens and cows in this world to make an impact. It's one year to the tipping point in the Amazon. Good project for this minute; there are tons of others. So welcome to a wonderful opportunity in the world. The bigger the crisis — as Dr. Laszlo said last evening — the bigger the opportunity.

Have fun!