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How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth
Edited By: John E. Wade II

Whether it’s finding spiritual harmony, reducing carbon emissions, quelling hostilities among races, cutting taxes, or feeding the hungry, every single person has the capacity to change the world for the better. Longtime New Orleans writer, editor, and philanthropist John E. Wade II has asked some of our most prestigious thinkers, writers, artists, experts, and leaders to consider how to improve the world. The result––this ambitious volume––is as much a social mission as it is an inspirational anthology. Herein lie thoughtful and hopeful reflections on a rich variety of issues, ranging from racism, poverty, religious persecution, genocide, and environmental deterioration to individual consciousness, mental well-being, and community development.

One hundred contributions from such notable personalities as Al Gore, Tony Blair, Nicholas Kristof, Thomas L. Friedman, and George W. Bush explore variations on the themes of peace, security, freedom, democracy, prosperity, spiritual and racial harmony, ecology, health, and moral purpose and meaning. Focusing on the large problems of the world without losing sight of the little challenges people face every day, this collection of essays encourages readers to find meaning in their own lives and share it with others for the betterment of the world. Religious and secular, liberal and conservative, old and young, the luminaries who have contributed to this work offer their voices and thoughts to inspire movement toward creating a more harmonious world community.

How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth
Ed. by John E. Wade II
320 pp. 6 x 9 Appendices
9781589805972 $19.95 pb

Contributors Include:
Barack Obama * Chris Rose
Tony Blair * Ted Turner
George Bush * Paul Prudhomme
Al Gore * David Brooks
And More!

About the Editor

John E. Wade II is a writer, investor, philanthropist, and founder of the nonprofit organization Soldiers of Love. He has committed the efforts of Soldiers of Love to improve local schools and provide better mental health for the community. An active member of his church and civic organizations in his area, Wade holds an M.A. from the University of Georgia and has worked in a range of fields. His extensive travels, including visits to China, India, Egypt, Israel, Syria, Jordan, and Brazil, inspired him to collect the essays in this work. Wade lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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