The Wisdom Page 

Wisdom in the University (Hardcover)
Ronald Barnett and Nicholas Maxwell, Editors
Routledge (2008)
128 pages

The contents of the London Review of Education's "Wisdom" issue has just been published by Routledge as a book. Titled Wisdom in the University, it is edited by Ronald Barnett and Nicholas Maxwell, and the contents are as follows:

Editorial by Nicholas Maxwell and Ronald Barnett: Wisdom in the university
1. Nicholas Maxwell — From knowledge-inquiry to wisdom-inquiry: is the revolution underway?
3. Leemon McHenry — Commercial influences on the pursuit of wisdom
4. Robert Steinberg et al — Teaching for wisdom: What matters is not just what students know, but how they use it
5. Richard Trowbridge — Wisdom and life-long learning in the twenty-first century
6. Celia Deane-Drummond — Wisdom remembered: Recovering a theological vision of wisdom for the academe
7. Alan Nordstrom — Shakespeare on wisdom
8. Ronald Barnett — Coda: Towards the university of wisdom

This book is currently available from, and will be available from at some point in 2008