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Jason Merchey's Internet-Radio Interviews

Jason Merchey — founder of the Values of the Wise organization, author of Building a Life of Value, and Editor/Author of Living a Life of Value — was for several years host of a program on World Talk Radio called Values and Ethics: From Living Room to Boardroom. World Talk Radio no longer exists, but the program episodes do.   Jason has created an
                                       archive of program episodes,
and invites you to browse this varied and perpetually timely collection of perspectives on values and wisdom.

Wisdom Page Related Interviews

Among the people who Jason interviewed are Cop Macdonald and several other Wisdom Page contributors. Those particular episodes can be reached via the links below. Also below are brief biographical sketches of the interviewees.

Get a Life!
Jason Merchey interviews Cop Macdonald and Alan Nordstrom about Cop's book Getting a Life and its use in Alan Nordstrom's Rollins College writing class. (1 hour total, in one segment.)

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Wisdom: We Need a Revolution
In this program Jason Merchey interviews Nicholas Maxwell and Copthorne Macdonald about the need to transform academia from a knowledge focus to a wisdom focus. (1 hour total in three segments..)

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An Exploration of Wisdom
Here Jason Merchey interviews Wes Nisker and Copthorne Macdonald about the nature and development of wisdom. (1 hour total in three segments.)

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The Interviewees:

About Wes Nisker
Wes “Scoop” Nisker is an author, radio commentator, Buddhist meditation teacher, and performer. His books include The Big Bang, The Buddha, and the Baby Boom (HarperSanFrancisco, 2003), the newly edited version of his national bestseller, Essential Crazy Wisdom (Ten Speed Press, 2001), and Buddha’s Nature (Bantam, 1999). Mr. Nisker is also the founder and co-editor of the international Buddhist journal “Inquiring Mind.”
For over 30 years, Mr. Nisker has worked in radio, first as a news anchor, and more recently as a commentator, during his career winning the Billboard Magazine, Columbia School of Journalism, and San Francisco Media Alliance awards for excellence in FM radio programming.
Mr. Nisker has studied Buddhist meditation for three decades with teachers in Asia and America, and for the past 15 years has been leading his own retreats and workshops in Buddhist insight meditation and philosophy at venues internationally. He is an affiliate teacher at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California, and does regular workshops at Esalen Institute and other venues.
For the past year and a half Mr. Nisker has been performing his monologue to critical acclaim in venues around the country. A CD recording of “Be Here Wow” (Previously titled “The Big Bang, the Buddha, and the Baby Boom”) is his newest creation.

About Cop Macdonald
Copthorne Macdonald is a writer, independent scholar, and former communication systems engineer. He has written extensively about the nature of reality (including consciousness and mind), the development of wisdom, the global problematique, and the challenge of creating a sustainable future. Three of his seven published books — Toward Wisdom, Getting a Life, and Matters of Consequence — deal with aspects of wisdom. He developed the slow-scan TV system used worldwide in amateur radio, founded New Directions Radio to foster socially-relevant communication, established an Internet-based compilation of wisdom-related resources called THE WISDOM PAGE, and has done extensive educational work in the field of energy alternatives and energy conservation. He was formerly a columnist with CQ and The Mother Earth News, an Associate Editor of the latter, and on the Editorial Board of INTEGRALIS: Journal of Integral Consciousness, Culture, and Science. His engineering positions included Manager of the Electronic Design Department at Ball Brothers Research Corporation in Boulder Colorado, and Director of Research at Vidcom Electronics in New York City. He lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

About Alan Nordstrom, PhD
Professor of English at Rollins College, Alan Nordstrom received his BA from Yale University and his MA and PhD from the University of Michigan. His fields of specialization are Shakespeare, English Renaissance literature, personal and creative writing, human frontier studies and Robert Frost. Selected publications include:
      Ped•antics, a book of poetry, 1980
      The Good Life, According to Me, A book of essays and poems, 2000
      Living the Questions, Verse Meditations, 2001 and
      Soul Search Sonnets, 2002

About Nicholas Maxwell
Nicholas Maxwell has devoted much of his working life to arguing that we need to bring about a revolution in academia so that it comes to seek and promote wisdom and does not just acquire knowledge. He has published five books on this theme: What’s Wrong With Science? (Bran's Head Books, 1976), From Knowledge to Wisdom (Blackwell, 1984), The Comprehensibility of the Universe (Oxford University Press, 1998), The Human World in the Physical Universe (Rowman and Littlefield, 2001) and Is Science Neurotic? (Imperial College Press, December 2004). He has also contributed to a number of other books, and has published numerous papers in science and philosophy journals on problems that range from consciousness to quantum theory. For nearly thirty years he taught philosophy of science at University College London, where he is now Emeritus Reader in Philosophy of Science and Honorary Senior Research Fellow. He has given lectures at universities and cConferences all over Britain, Europe and north America.