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Metanexus Institute on Religion, Science, and the Humanities

The Metanexus Institute defines itself as "an international network of scientists, theologians, philosophers, historians and other scholars in the humanities, educators, artists, and religious leaders, fostering interdisciplinary, intercultural, and inter-religious collaboration in pursuit of new insights and a better future." Its Internet address is Metanexus defines its mission as promoting "the constructive engagement of science, religion and the humanities in the communal pursuit of wisdom in order to address humanity’s most profound questions and challenges." And to achieve their mission they say, "We:
  • develop and nurture international, interfaith, and interdisciplinary networks
  • host the leading religion and science web publication and resource center
  • conduct interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research
  • provide education and outreach across the sciences, religions, arts, and humanities
  • organize international conferences and symposia
  • promote projects and policies that are enhanced by involving both science and religion
  • engage the various segments of society in constructive moral dialogue"
The "leading religion and science web publication" mentioned above is the Global Spiral. It is published monthy and is available free of charge. The Global Spiral says that its "main areas of exploration include:
  • “Science and Religion dialogue” as symptom of the fragmentation of knowledge
  • The rediscovery and retrieval of human meaning and purpose
  • Navigating the clash of civilizations and cultures through transdisciplinary scholarship and dialogue
  • New possibilities for metaphysics
  • The urgency of authenticity
  • The self, soul, and personhood
  • Nature and Humanity
  • Faith and Reason"

Content includes feature articles, book reviews, news from and about network partners, interviews, and multimedia downloads. The current issue can be viewed at, and there you can enter your Email address and arrange to receive Global Spiral each month as an Email attachment.

Those interested in the Institute's work are invited to become members.