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Cliff Havener and Margaret Thorpe Articles


"Celebrate the Outlaws" — Originally published by Systems Thinking Press, this article is now on the website of the parent organization, The Haines Centre for Strategic Management. Together, they are a significant resource for applying systems thinking to life, in general, and to business organizations in particular.
The Haines Centre for Strategic Management is at The article is at


This article - Fear and Anxiety: They're in the System -  discloses the root cause of the generalized fear and anxiety we accept as "normal". It was published by the Association of Humanistic Psychology, which was founded on Dr. Abraham Maslow's view of human potential, in its December/January 2001 issue of Perspective.


This article is the application of the systems principles found in "Meaning" to the issue of communications. It explains why so much of our so-called "communications" doesn't communicate, that is, establish common perspective and understanding between the sender and the receiver. It is entitled "Solving 'The Communication Problem' - Why most communications don't communicate and how to solve that problem" . It can be found at: