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Audrey Kitagawa comments at the launch of the World Wisdom Alliance

Thank you so much everyone. It is truly an honor and a privilege to be looking upon the vast — and infinite — field of possibilities that I see before me. And each person here represents a beautiful seed in that field. And contained within that seed itself, an infinite field of possibility. And all the seeds come together, bringing forth in this field a huge potential that exists to create a new frontier, a new future, that will seek to the voice that we all heard that called us here. And its that voice of inspiration, the voice that said, "Now is the time that we must come together, to cooperate and create an alliance — an alliance that will speak to having heard that voice of inspiration that, in the fertile soil upon which we will all give birth to this new future."

And that voice of inspiration is the voice of our Spirit — our spirit that is connected to the perennial wisdom which we in our own hearts know inherently because it is the deepest part of ourselves. It is the heartbeat that is beating within the sacred chambers of all of us. And it is heartbeat of the divine. And when we come to understand that we are about to gather together to birth this new civilization, may we always be in remembrance that that voice of inspiration, that creativity, that infinite field of possibility, all exists because it came from a power higher than all of us combined. And it is that power that has created everything that is around us and within us — and all the mood of excitement and anticipation and hope for the future. And may we always remember that for all of our potential we cannot make a drop of blood, and we cannot make a blade of grass. And so, however we may move in the world, may we move with a humble heart. A humble heart that will always keep us open to that voice of inspiration. That will show us the way and guide us, that we may all come to understand that in the fullness of our beauty in the field of infinite possibility we will be beautiful in understanding love, compassion, and our true purpose in life which is to be the radiant beacon of hope, and the radiant beacon of love. Thank you.