Thomas Lombardo, Ph.D.

Tom Lombardo, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of the Center for Future Consciousness, the Director of The Wisdom Page, and Professor Emeritus and retired Faculty Chair of Psychology, Philosophy, and the Future at Rio Salado College. He is a graduate of the Universities of Connecticut and Minnesota (Ph.D. in psychology with a minor in philosophy of science) and a graduate fellow of Cornell University. He has served as psychology faculty at numerous colleges and universities; Clinical Therapist at Tri-City Mental Health Center; Chief Psychologist and Educational Director at John Madden Mental Health Center; Professor and Dean of Forest Institute of Professional Psychology; Chair of the Psychology Instructional Council at Maricopa Community Colleges; and Futurist Faculty at the University of Advancing Technology.

He has published six books and over forty articles, and given over forty professional presentations on topics including: the history of scientific and philosophical thought; wisdom, character virtues, and the future of education; future consciousness and contemporary futurist thought; and the future evolution of consciousness and mind.

Dr. Lombardo is an award-winning educator with forty years of professional experience in college teaching (online and in-person, graduate and undergraduate); curriculum and program development; workshop development and facilitation; and personal staff development. In the spring of 2009, he was selected as the “Educator of the Quarter” by the futurist magazine FUTUREtakes.

Dr. Lombardo is an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Futures Studies and the World Future Review. He is also a professional member of the World Future Society and World Futures Studies Federation. Additionally, he is an Advisory Board member of Communities of the Future, the Lifeboat Foundation, the Foresight Education and Research Network, and the Acceleration Studies Foundation. He is one of the key developers of the WFSF Pedagogical Resources in Futures Studies.

His recently published collection of essays, Wisdom, Consciousness, and the Future (2011), brings together his main published articles on wisdom, future consciousness, ethics and virtue, creativity, and the future evolution of the human mind ( His other new book, Mind Flight: A Journey into the Future (2011), chronicles the development of his philosophical and futurist thinking set within a personal and intellectual narrative that spans forty years ( Dr. Lombardo’s two previous books on the future, The Evolution of Future Consciousness and Contemporary Futurist Thought (2006), provide a detailed psychological study of the human capacity to think about the future and trace this capacity from prehistoric to contemporary times (

Dr. Lombardo has developed an “integrative, holistic, wisdom-based, and future-focused” model for higher education. Out of this work he has created a seven-course comprehensive futures education program “Wisdom and the Future” that covers future consciousness, wisdom, and character virtues; evolution and the nature of progress; the future of science, technology, and the environment; and the future of psychology, education, society, religion, ethics, and culture.

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