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Internet Resources Related to Systems

"A Taste of Systemics" by Bela Benathy is an excellent introduction to the system perspective. "is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the wider aspects of the Complex System sciences by education, synthesis and by the integration of the theories into the mainstream viewpoints of arts, philosophy and science."  Of particular interest is their Action page, "an attempt make explicit the contributions systems theory can make to creating wisdom in our behaviours."

ISSS — International Society for the Systems Science is a rich source of information about systems. Check especially The Primer Project and its Wholeness Seminar.

The Network for Creative Change "is dedicated to creative systemic change or whole system change." A fund of useful information about systemic change.

The Institute for Creative Development "is a nonprofit think tank and educational center dedicated to the development of perspectives and approaches sufficient to today's new questions." It is based on Creative Systems Theory, "a body of conceptual work Dr. Charles Johnston and others..."