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Wisdom and the Future

How can a heavily challenged humanity live more wisely in the future?

Dissolving the Mind/Body Problems: Goodbye to “Sense Data, “Raw Feels,” or “Qualia” and Hello to Evolutionary Interiority by Don Sanborn. A multi-faceted and enlightening discussion covering the nature of mind, consciousness, the self, and body; the problems of dualism; reality and science; the place of consciousness within evolution and the universe; memory, perception, and anticipation; and the history of the mind-body problem. 

The Psychology of Future Consciousness: Flourishing in the Flow of Evolution by Tom Lombardo. How do we create a good future? This deceptively simple question is the central challenge of human life, and the central issue motivating the professional study of the future. Most importantly, the question brings to center stage the most empowering and distinctive capacity of the human mind: To identify and purposefully pursue preferable futures. Our minds are uniquely constructed to raise and attempt to answer, in theory and action, this question.

Shifting Patterns of Enlightenment: America in the Mode of Janus by Rick Smyre. We find ourselves in transition from one historical epoch to another….from an Industrial Age based on the principles and ideas of the First Enlightenment to an emerging age that is still shrouded by mystery, ambiguity and uncertainty. What new mental world will emerge that can encompass connections of the past and the future in a birth of intricate patterns which enables humanity to a higher level of consciousness?

Dimension-Information-Energy Map of the Universe by Debashis Chowdhury. Having a map availability can be very useful if we would like to locate where we are, and chart a path to where we would like to go. We are lucky to have an excellent map of the Universe that we can use to chart our journeys. Knowing the path we would like to take, and the length of the journey, should help us provision Spaceship Earth for the long haul.

Wisdom and Future Consciousness : Keys to Self-Evolution using the S2 Model by Debashis Chowdhury. An essay on the stages of self-evolution, highlighting the nature and importance of the development of wisdom, future consciousness, and social consciousness.

The Future Evolution of Consciousness by Tom Lombardo. An essay on the nature and evolution of consciousness; the relationship of consciousness and the evolution of the physical world; the central importance of future consciousness, wisdom, and virtue in the future evolution of consciousness; and the key role science fiction plays in facilitating our conscious evolution.

Creative and Imaginative Wisdom: Where Is It in Today’s World? by Walter Moss
Drawing upon a variety of written resources in both wisdom and creativity research, and covering such diverse contemporary issues as capitalist economics, environmental transformation, education, mass consumerist culture, and politics and world peace, Walter Moss presents the argument that "creative and imaginative wisdom is lacking in important aspects of life, especially here in the USA."

The Flourishing Earth Philosophy by Richard Hawley Trowbridge
A critique of modernist philosophy and science and its negative results in the world, and an argument for a holistic philosophy and the central importance of learning to control the mind, as the key to wisdom and a flourishing earth in the future.

Some Words of Wisdom as We Anticipate the Collapse of Urban Civilization by Mike Molyneaux.
A multi-faceted critique of modern urban civilization with practical and action based proposals for developing a better, wiser way of life in the future.

Are we Still Evolving? by Chris Thomson
An introductory essay on the importance of further evolving our consciousness and our intelligence and the need to redefine humanity's central purpose through creating of a new and liberating worldview. 

Tom Lombardo Introduces His Two 2011 Books. Read this pdf intro to find out more about Mind Flight and Wisdom, Consciousness, and the Future. Click here for ordering info.

Cop Macdonald Comments on Tom Lombardo's book Wisdom, Consciousness and the Future. Read Cop's thoughts about Wisdom, Consciousness, and the Future which he feels is a profound, deeply important, and timely book that concerned people and change agents everywhere will want to read.

Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford. "The Institute's work focuses on how future technology might affect the human condition, and on the risks and opportunities involved. It also focuses on the epistemic, moral, and prioritization issues that confront agents who pursue long-range or global objectives." Many Research Reports, Academic Papers, and Popular Articles are available there in full-text form.

Creativity, Wisdom, and Our Evolutionary Future. Here, author Tom Lombardo discusses the roles of creativity, heightened future consciousness, and wisdom in the future evolution of the human mind. (PDF format)

Educating the Wise Cyborg of the Future. In this article authors Tom Lombardo and Ray Todd Blackwood propose the pursuit, cultivation, and exercise of wisdom as a general guiding principle in dealing with society's multitude of challenges and problems. (PDF format)

Integrative, Holistic Wisdom-Based Futures Education is a paper in which Tom Lombardo describes the evolution and structure of a futures-focused educational program, one which he believes would provide college students with a high quality integrative and holistic education. (PDF format)

Bridging science and values: A unifying view of mind and brain. This journal article by Nobel Prize winning neuroscientist Roger Sperry links human values to brain function, and makes the case that "More than any other causal system with which science now concerns itself, it is variables in human value systems that will determine the future." (PDF format.)

Wisdom in the Twenty-First Century: A Theory of Psycho-Social Evolution. In this article Tom Lombardo presents a theory of wisdom based on historical traditions, recent psychological research, and philosophical thinking while exploring a variety of important trends and futurist themes. (PDF format)

Wisdom Facing Forward. In this powerful and illuminating article in the World Futurist Society's journal The Futurist, psychologist Tom Lombardo explores the ways in which awareness of the future connects with wisdom. (PDF format)

Letter from Utopia. This thought-stirring essay by Nick Bostrom, Director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, examines "The good life: just how good could it be? A vision of the future from the future."

Reframing Global Initiatives for the Future: in light of past experiments As a glance at the overview of Anthony Judge's background makes clear, there is perhaps no one on earth who has a more comprehensive understanding of efforts made during the past 40 years to create a better world than him. In Reframing Global Initiatives... Judge draws our attention to a multitude of failure traps, and points to successful strategies. Must reading for anyone working to create a more positive future.

An Index of Wisdom? Some thoughts on the subject by David Paterson in response to Bruce Lloyd's call for comments on a "Wise Society Index."

H. Sapiens Digital: From Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom   Marc Prensky examines ways in which digital technologies could facilitate the development of wisdom and wise decison making.

Articles on Consciousness/Evolution/Future by John E. Rensch, Riane Eisler, Peter Russell, Ervin Laszlo, Rupert Sheldrake, Charles Tart, Stanislov Grof and others in SpandaNews, Issue 4/2008, PDF format.

FutureShapers Monthly is a free newsletter from John E. Renesch dedicated to "Bridging Wisdom & Practice for a Better Tomorrow." 

Power, Responsibility & Wisdom  In this essay Bruce Lloyd explores "the issues at the core of Ethical Decision-Making and Leadership."  

Bruce Lloyd wants your thoughts on a "Wise Society Index"    Suggested in the article above, he'd like to know "what could go into such an index? What could we try to measure? And how could it actually be measured?"

A New Guiding Light for Democratic Education?   Bruce Novak discusses aspects of Karl Jaspers' thought that are "relevant to the re-awakening of humanity in the contemporary world."

Moss on Wisdom This excerpt from Walter Moss's book AN AGE OF PROGRESS? discusses the issues of wisdom, prudence, and morality in the twentieth century.

Obama, McCain, Bush, Age, Experience, and Wisdom by historian Walter Moss brings a wisdom perspective to issue of presidential leadership.

Creating Heaven on Earth is a way of conceptualizing the task that humanity faces in transforming the present world situation. Check out some thought-provoking materials on this subject.

The Centrality of Wisdom is an essay by Copthorne Macdonald submitted for inclusion in the forthcoming book How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth.

Anthony Judge on attaining species maturity   This essay, "Self-reflective Embodiment of Transdisciplinary Integration (SETI): the universal criterion of species maturity?" asks us to step back and look.

Anthony Judge on overpopulation and its denial   This essay, "Institutionalized Shunning of Overpopulation Challenge," highlights this core issue and the general problem of question avoidance in contemporary society.

The Evolution and Future Direction of Marriage  What is wisdom in the context of marriage? Tom and Jeanne Lombardo explore the history, issues, and future possibilities of marriage, and present their vision of the preferable marriage of the future. (.doc file)

The Corporate State   Sometimes the best way to get a handle on some aspect of societal wisdom is to take a close look at its opposite. That is what Chris Lucas does in this penetrating essay.

Metanexus Institute on Religion, Science, and the Humanities promotes "the constructive engagement of science, religion and the humanities in the communal pursuit of wisdom in order to address humanity’s most profound questions and challenges."

Values, Wisdom, and Action is an article by Copthorne Macdonald in the World Wisdom Rising (Fall/Winter 2007) issue of the journal Kosmos: An integral Approach to Global Awakening. (Also available in PDF format.)

Wisdom and Humanity's Transformational Dilemma. Some comments by Copthorne Macdonald on Anthony Judge's insightful essay: "Imagining the Real Challenge."

The Janus Project. A proposal by Chris Thomson to create an institute that would bring together personal development, exploration of the "deep causes" of humanity's problems, visioning a future that works for all, and action to help realize that vision.>

The Solidarity, Sustainability, and Non-Violence (SSNV) Newsletter, edited by Luis Gutierrez, "is a monthly digest of research on the most critical issues at the intersection of technology, religion, and society.">

Institute for the Emerging Wisdom Culture, headed by Dr. Paul H. Ray and associated with Wisdom University, will "formulate and work toward implementing a positive vision of the emerging wisdom culture." >

A Transformative Wisdom presents Debashis Chowdhury's thesis that for humanity to deal effectively with the challenges and opportunities we face, a "higher," more comprehensive, "transformative" wisdom is needed. >

In Our Own Image, a thought-provoking book by Debashis Chowdhury, is reviewed here by Copthorne Macdonald who considers it a valuable read for those interested in personal/societal wisdom development.>

Our Work in Life   Alan Nordstrom addresses the "selfish and egotistical story that predominates in the postmodern society," and has us consider a much more positive one. 

Spiritual Wealth is an essay by Chris Thomson that examines modernity's "relentless pursuit of money and things," the "spiritual poverty" that goes with that, and the possibility of replacing them with spiritual wealth. 

Ecological Economics is a textbook (online, full text) by noted economist and UN advisor Herman E. Daly and Joshua Farley that expands traditional economic theory into the kind of economics the world needs. 

Laetus in Praesens   If you are serious about wanting to create a wiser and more functional global society, immerse yourself in the information- and idea-rich world of Anthony Judge

Wisdom and the Second Enlightenment is an article by Thomas Lombardo from the June 2007 issue of the World Futures Study Federation publication, Futures Bulletin.

The Evolution of Future Consciousness and Contemporary Futurist Thought These two new books by Thomas Lombardo paint an amazingly comprehensive picture of humanity's relationship to the future. 

The Pursuit of Wisdom and the Future of Education  is a thought-provoking article by Tom Lombardo that appeared in the 2006 World Future Society anthology: Creating Global Strategies for Humanity's Future. See also his Center for Future Consciousness Web site. (The article is in MS Word format.)

Wisdom, Knowledge Management & Leadership is a paper that Bruce Lloyd presented at the October 2006 "Business as an Agent of World Benefit" conference. 

Energy Conservation as Wisdom in Action The Government of Prince Edward Island Canada commissions 37 take-action articles on a wide range of energy conservation topics.. 

The Human Problem, Solved at Last is a powerful and uplifting essay by Alan Nordstrom on the challenges of the 21st century, and the potential for turning things around and creating a wiser world. 

A Story to Live By   In this essay Alan Nordstrom focuses on our role as creative contributors to the "universal creative process," and the moral imperative implicit in that. 

Wisdom & Leadership: Linking the Past, Present & Future is an illuminating talk that deals with key issues. Presented to the World Future Society in July 2006 by Bruce Lloyd, a Professor of Strategic Management.

Resonances between Challenging Psychosocial Change Initiatives How can positive-change initiatives be successful, and relate in positive ways to other initiatives? Anthony Judge explores the many considerations.