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Richard Hawley Trowbridge 


Introduction:     Richard Trowbridge is a wisdom researcher and wisdom educator. He received his PhD from the Union Institute & University, and his doctoral dissertation, "The Scientific Approach of Wisdom", chronicles the history of interest in wisdom since ancient times and the history of academic wisdom research from 1980 to 2005. He teaches courses in wisdom development in Rochester, NY.

Email:     rht@wisdomcenteredlife.org

Personal Web Site:     http://wisdomcenteredlife.org/default.aspx

Formal CV:     http://wisdomcenteredlife.org/aboutus.aspx

Bibliography:     http://wisdomcenteredlife.org/aboutus.aspx

Complete Works Accessible On Line:    

Richard Hawley Trowbridge, "The Scientific Approach of Wisdom," doctoral dissertation at http://www.wisdompage.com/TheScientificApproachtoWisdom.doc

Richard Hawley Trowbridge, "Definitions of Wisdom," Wisdom Centered Life, http://wisdomcenteredlife.org/definitions.aspx

Richard Hawley Trowbridge, "Chronology of Wisdom Literature in the Western Tradition," Wisdom Centered Life, http://wisdomcenteredlife.org/Documents/Chronology%20of%20Wisdom%20Literature.pdf

Richard Hawley Trowbridge, "Working Bibliography of Wisdom Resources"

Richard Hawley Trowbridge, "Empirical Research on Wisdom," Wisdom Centered Life, http://wisdomcenteredlife.org/Documents/Empirical%20research%20on%20wisdom.doc

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