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Tier 3: Going Deeper


An overview of this prominent wisdom researcher's view of wisdom as an integration of congnitive, reflective, and affective personality characteristics. Monika Ardelt's Model of Wisdom
An introduction to the concept of collective wisdom, and some of the people and organizations currently involved with it. A Brief Introduction to Collective Wisdom
In this streaming video, Bill Moyers Interviews Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot See what this Harvard-based adult educator has to say about living the 50-to-75 year period of life to the fullest. Bill Moyers interviews Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot — Video


A few thoughts on the subject by Copthorne Macdonald Flaws in Human Mentality


From Chapter 8 of Copthorne Macdonald's book Toward Wisdom.

Seeing the Unity: Disidentifying — Audio

This discussion of practices that help one see in a nondual way and identify with Being is from Chapter 9 of Copthorne Macdonald's book Toward Wisdom.

Seeing the Unity: Identifying with Being — Text

Seeing the Unity: Identifying with Being — Audio

Comments on this technique for developing wide-angle, open-to-everything attentiveness from Copthorne Macdonald's book Toward Wisdom, plus info on the currently available CDs. About Open Focus™
Review of The Open-Focus Brain by Les Femhi and Jim Robbins. Reviewer Copthorne Macdonald feels that this book and the CD that comes with it provide a powerful introduction to attentiveness practice. Review of The Open Focus Brain is a rich compendium of resources to help us comprehend oneness, not-two — the nondual nature of reality.
Jill Bolte Taylor is a Harvard neuroscientist who had a massive left-hemisphere stroke. In the two videos at the right she explains how the stroke left her in a state of right-brain facilitated bliss, and how she struggled for 8 years to regain the use of her left brain hemisphere.

Stroke of Insight — Video

Jill Bolte Taylor's 2008 TED Talk — Video


The possibility of creating a wisdom-based, wisdom-fostering society is discussed in this excerpt from Chapter 13 of Copthorne Macdonald's book Toward Wisdom.

A Wisdom-Based Culture — Text

A Wisdom-Based Culture — Audio

"Doing What Needs To Be Done" is Chapter 15 of Copthorne Macdonald's book Matters of Consequence. It is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Doing What Needs to Be Done
In this streaming audio Living Dialogues episode, Duncan Campbell and Paul Ray discuss Paul's thoughts about creating.a wise, caring, global culture. Co-Creating a New Wisdom Culture — Audio


This is a stimulating and enlightening essay by historian Walter G. Moss on the educational ideas of E.F. Schumacher (1911-1977) who thought that "more education can help us only if it produces more wisdom." E.F. Schumacher on Wisdom and Education
This is an article by noted wisdom researcher Robert Sternberg that originally appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education. It's Not What You Know, but How You Use It: Teaching for Wisdom
Excerpts from the NY Times article "In the Classroom, a New Focus on Quieting the Mind." Plus links to online organizations and resources that address the issue. Mindfulness Training in Education
Supporting the growing number of educators who see "mindfulness training as a foundation for education," this site is a rich source of resources on the subject. Association for Mindfulness in Education
A text (with slides) rendering of Copthorne Macdonald's “Thomas P. Johnson Distinguished Visiting Scholar” address at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. WISDOM: The Highest Aim of Life and Higher Education
This is a doctoral dissertation by Anne Adams concerning education for wisdom — integral education — education that purposefully develops and integrates the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual intelligences. Education: From Conception to Graduation – A Systematic Integral Approach


"Overview of Prior Research on Wisdom" is a brief but informative excerpt from an article by University of Virginia professor David Mick. Overview of Prior Research on Wisdom
"The Scientific Approach of Wisdom," a doctoral dissertation by Richard Hawley Trowbridge, is the complete dissertation in Microsoft Word format — a comprehensive review of the scholarly research on wisdom from 1980 to 2005, and a useful overview of the history of wisdom. The Scientific Approach of Wisdom