Selected WISDOM PAGE Resources
Independent Study and Home Schooling
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Tier 2: The Basics


A 3-page discussion of Personal Wisdom (the Practical, Existential/Metaphysical, and Activist varieties) and Socio-Cultural Wisdom. The Varieties of Wisdom
This is a section of Richard Trowbridge's Wisdom-Centered Life website that presents many perspectives on the nature of wisdom. Definitions of Wisdom
An excellent article by Joseph W. Meeker on wisdom and its relationship to wilderness. Wisdom and Wilderness
This Introduction to the book Getting a Life comments on the nature of Practical Wisdom, as Aristotle called it. Introduction to Getting a Life
Titled "What is Wisdom," this first chapter of Copthorne Macdonald's book Toward Wisdom explores the nature of wisdom — here primarily Aristotle's other variety of wisdom: Existential/Metaphysical Wisdom.

What is Wisdom? — Text

What is Wisdom? — Audio, First Half

What is Wisdom? — Audio, Second Half


What will save us from our vices, follies, and ineptitudes? Alan Nordstrom discusses the Wisdom Imperative. The Wisdom Imperative
Excerpts from one of Jerry Ortiz y Pino's columns in the Santa Fe Reporter. Whatever Happened to Wisdom?
Adapted from Chapter 5 of Copthorne Macdonald's book TOWARD WISDOM (30 minutes)
The Need for Wisdom — Audio
This inspiring 20-minute talk by Barry Schwartz was presented at the 2009 TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference in Long Beach, California. Barry Schwartz Video on Our Loss of Wisdom
The Canadian Broadcasting Company interviews Copthorne Macdonald about wisdom on the occasion of the publication of Cop's book Toward Wisdom. (7 minutes) CBC TV Interviews Copthorne Macdonald


"Wisdom 101" is a free online course in practical wisdom. It is the outgrowth of a classroom course given at Rollins College by Professor Alan Nordstrom, and uses short chapters from Cop Macdonald's book GETTING A LIFE to stir thinking about many common life situations. Wisdom 101
A course in practical wisdom
On his Wisdom-Centered Life website, Richard Hawley Trowbridge shares the practices which he advocates in the wisdom courses that he teaches. The Wisdom Companion — Practice
Thoughts on this subject excerpted from Copthorne Macdonald's book Matters of Consequence. The Importance of Meditation
A compilation of relevant books, meditation resources, links to online resources, and guided-meditation CDs. Resources for Developing the Self-Knowledge/Intuitive Aspect of Wisdom
Tom Fox presents his tightly focused "crash course" in wisdom in this Commencement Address at Saint Peter's College. Magic Wisdom Guidelines
Adapted from Chapter 6 of Copthorne Macdonald's book TOWARD WISDOM. (24 minutes.) Dealing with Reactivity, Part 1 — Audio
Adapted from Chapter 6 of Copthorne Macdonald's book TOWARD WISDOM. (16 minutes) Dealing with Reactivity, Part 2 — Audio
From, practice sessions to "deepen your understanding of gratefulness and, better yet, send it out in ripples, transforming our world." Gratefulness Practices