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Wisdom in Action

Thoughts on how societal institutions could embody
wise values and processes

Capitalism Versus Democracy: Irreconcilable in Principle by Donald Sanborn: “There is need for radical change, not only to restore democracy at home and abroad, but to deal with the manifold global problems of modernity arising from capitalism’s rise to global domination of international markets. That change must begin with the recognition that capitalism and democracy are incompatible. Preservation of democratic rule worldwide thus requires the end of capitalism and transition to a new global economic order. What that new order shall be, the many should decide democratically, not those who deem themselves our global economic masters.”

Donald Sanborn Autobiography: An interesting and revealing autobiography of a philosophical activist and life-long searcher of wisdom.

Age of Reflection Interview with Tom Lombardo: The Age of Reflection is an Iranian magazine which covers issues related to the social sciences, culture and politics. The following interview, covering wisdom, future society, character virtues, the humanities, and social change, was conducted online between Mojtaba Mousavi, International Editor of the magazine, and Tom Lombardo

On Wisdom in Business by Bruce Lloyd (Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management): An Interview from Evidence-Based Wisdom. “Wisdom is a way of repackaging values statements about relationships between people, relationships within groups and societies and the individual’s relationships with the universe...In the end, the most important factor in improving the quality of your decision-making is the quality of your conversations.”

Toward a Global Perspective - Seeing through Illusion by Leland Beaumont. “It is difficult to see through the illusion that what we see is all there is, but humans have been making some progress.” An essay on moving beyond the narrow and the egocentric to a more global and cosmic perspective on reality. Part of Leland’s course on “Global Perspective.”

Wisdom and War: From Homer’s Trojan Horse to Spielberg’s War Horse by Walter G. Moss

Barack Obama and Political Wisdom by Walter Moss

A Global Wisdom Culture by Alan Nordstrom
How can a Global Wisdom Culture be consciously envisioned, designed and then inculcated into human populations around the planet, superseding deeply-rooted customs and mores now deemed dangerous to Earth’s thriving?

Reflections on Wisdom and Politics by Walter Moss 
An erudite and thoroughly researched essay on those essential virtues and values supporting political wisdom, including discussions of realism and idealism (properly balanced), love, compassion, empathy, humility, tolerance, a sense of humor, creativity, temperance, self-discipline, passion, courage, and a commitment to justice and freedom. is the website of activist, historian, and wisdom scholar Sanderson Beck. A prolific writer on subjects as diverse as world peace, the ethics of civilization, spiritual philosophy and wisdom, he has made much of it available on his website.

The Fundamental Human Question, as Alan Nordstrom puts it: "How much can our species consciously, intentionally and wisely shape the future course of life on Earth?" A call to reflection and action.

The political challenge of responding to global crises is the subtitle of a thought-stirring overview by Anthony Judge of major world challenges and the lack of effective initiatives to deal with them. Wisdom needed here!

Youth-Leader Magazine is a dynamic online magazine focusing on groundbreaking positive change initiatives, portraits, tools, and more. To find out more about the philosophy behind it, click the About link.

Reframing Global Initiatives for the Future: in light of past experiments As a glance at the overview of Anthony Judge's background makes clear, there is perhaps no one on earth who has a more comprehensive understanding of efforts made during the past 40 years to create a better world than him. In Reframing Global Initiatives... Judge draws our attention to a multitude of failure traps, and points to successful strategies. Must reading for anyone working to create a more positive future.

Audio Podcast: Paul Ray — Co-Creating a New Wisdom Culture In this Living Dialogues episode, Duncan Campbell and Paul Ray discuss Paul's thoughts about creating.a wise, caring, global culture.

Laetus in Praesens   If you are serious about wanting to create a wiser and more functional global society, immerse yourself in the information- and idea-rich world of Anthony Judge.. 

Overview of the Varieties of Wisdom   Copthorne Macdonald discusses Personal Wisdom (the Practical, Existential/Metaphysical, and Activist varieties) and Socio-Cultural Wisdom.

A Wisdom-Based Culture. This look at the possibility of creating a wisdom-based, wisdom-fostering society is discussed in this excerpt from Chapter 13 of Copthorne Macdonald's book Toward Wisdom.

Doing What Needs To Be Done is Chapter 15 of Copthorne Macdonald's book Matters of Consequence. It is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.