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Introduction to Wisdom

Some essays, articles, talks, and websites dealing with the subject

Future Consciousness: The Path to Purposeful Evolution - An Introduction by Tom Lombardo. An overview, published in World Future Review, of a future-focused, evolutionary theory of wisdom. Advocating for a future "Age of Wisdom" as the central grand narrative for humanity, the article proposes that wisdom is the highest ideal to pursue in our personal and collective development, the most efficacious means toward human happiness and the good life, the critical goal to strive for within education, and the guiding light for our future evolution.

Eight Dimensions of Wise Design that could Change Everything - A Video Talk by Kiko Suarez. The world is changing fast and we live in turbulent times, accelerated by the speed of technological change and rampant complexity.Bringing wisdom back to the center of our societal development, by focusing on 8 wisdom-centered design principles, could result in a better redefinition of our human condition and structures of living.

Introduction to Psychology and Wisdom by Richard Hawley Trowbridge. An informative review of psychological research on wisdom, along with a thought-provoking discussion of contemporary and classical conceptions of wisdom.

Wisdom, Leisure, and Choices by Walter G. Moss. Another superb article by Walter Moss - both well written and well researched. Although, given the title of the article, its focus might seem rather narrow, the article contains an excellent general discussion of practical wisdom, prioritizing values, and making wise choices.

A Virtue Theory Of Wisdom by Tom Lombardo. A future-focused comprehensive theory of wisdom based on thirteen key virtues with some thoughts on the development of wisdom through exercising and practicing the key virtues.

KNOWLEDGE REFORM.COM: Self-Improvement of Mind Towards Wisdom is a website rich in wisdom-relevant resources. Jason Cooper, the website's creator, presents the visitor with an eclectic mix of essays, book reviews, and videos that present ancient and contemporary views of the subject.

The Rosewood Report on Practical Wisdom. This is the complete six-part report summarizing discussions in July, 2010 by a small group of philosophers and psycyhologists about practical wisdom. (A PDF file.)

The Prajña Sutra: Aphorisms of Intuition. The Sanskrit word prajña means wisdom in English. Here, Subhash Kak presents his take on Vedic wisdom. (A PDF file.)

What Wisdom Requires. Alan Nordstrom calls on us to "to become more conscious, careful and committed to changing our minds and behaviors as wisdom requires" and shares his thoughts on just what those requirements are.

How Do We Define Wisdom?. This is Part 1 of The Rosewood Report concerning discussions in July, 2010 by a small group of philosophers and psycyhologists about the capacities of practical wisdom.

Is Wisdom Just One Thing?. This is Part 2 of The Rosewood Report concerning discussions in July, 2010 by a small group of philosophers and psycyhologists about the capacities of practical wisdom.

Wisdom Facing Forward. In this powerful and illuminating article in the World Futurist Society's journal The Futurist, psychologist Tom Lombardo presents a comprehensive picture of what wisdom is, and he explores the ways in which wisdom and awareness of the future connect. (PDF format)

Monika Ardelt's Model of Wisdom. Wisdom researcher Monika Ardelt considers wisdom to be a combination of cognitive, reflective, and affective personality qualities that "cannot exist independently of individuals."

The Wise Path website presents Leland R. Beaumont's perspective on wisdom as the convergence of three developmental paths: emotional, cognitive, and action.

Where's Wisdom is an insightful essay by Leland R. Beaumont that, with the aid of helpful graphics, explores both the personal growth process as one heads toward wisdom and the final destination: wisdom itself. (A PDF file)

The Philosophical Approach Towards Wisdom. Here, Andrew Targowski, Professor of Business Information Systems at Western Michgan University, looks at both the history of wisdom and its place in our contemporary world. (A .doc file.)

Selected WISDOM PAGE Resources for Independent Study A carefully selected group of text, audio, and video resources arranged in four tiers representing four different levels of interest, prior knowledge about wisdom, and personal involvement.

WISDOM and THE WISDOM PAGE is a 9-minute video that introduces the three big questions concerning wisdom: What is wisdom? Why is wisdom important? and How can we develop wisdom? It touches on answers to all three, and invites the viewer to visit The Wisdom Page website and explore the matter more deeply. (Also available on YouTube.)

How To Achieve Heaven on Earth with Martin Rutte is a fascinating and informative 44-minute streaming audio conversation between Martin Rutte and Jeffrey Milburn about the heaven-on-earth concept and the How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth book.

SOPPHIA — The 7 Dimensions of Wisdom Bernard Brookes's "SOPPHIA model organizes the plethora of competencies into 7 Dimensions of Wisdom, and provides a framework that facilitates coaching and self-development efforts."

Islamic Wisdom is a website that presents an Islamic perspective on wisdom. "Our aim is to present the fundamentals of Islamic ideology from the perspectives of philosophy, reason and wisdom."

48 Characteristics Associated with Wisdom is a list of Forty-eight positive human characteristics that have been associated with wisdom.

About Wisdom is Rana Ehtisham Rabbani's succinct answer to the "What is wisdom?" question. He elaborates his view at his website,

Some links to Traditional Wisdom Literature Cultures around the world have valued wisdom, and through their literatures have tried to help people develop it.

Some Contemporary Online Wisdom Books and Reviews Today's authors present their views on wisdom and wise living. (See also our main Books and Reviews section.)

Obama, Passion and Wisdom is Walter Moss's preferred title for this essay that explores what wisdom is in the context of politics.

Obama, Passion and Wisdom is Walter Moss's preferred title for this essay that explores what wisdom is in the context of politics.

Wisdom, Golf, and Obama (Word format) (or PDF)   Golf and wisdom miles apart? In this short, fun essay Walter Moss makes the connection.

Overview of Prior Research on Wisdom is a brief but informative excerpt from an article by University of Virginia professor David Mick.

Barry Schwartz Video on Practical Wisdom This inspiring 20-minute MP4 talk by Barry Schwartz was presented at the 2009 TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference in Long Beach, California.

WISDOM: The Highest Aim of Life and Higher Education   A text (with slides) rendering of Copthorne Macdonald's “Thomas P. Johnson Distinguished Visiting Scholar” address at Rollins College April 5, 2006.

A Video of the Above Address in Flash format   Also available in WMV (Windows Media Player) format.

Wisdom and Wilderness by Joseph W. Meeker. An excellent article by Dr. Meeker on wisdom and its relationship to wilderness.

Definitions of Wisdom is a section of Richard Trowbridge's Wisdom-Centered Life website that presents many perspectives on the nature of wisdom.

The "Understanding Wisdom" issue of Vimukt Shiksha, a publication of India-based Shikshantar, an organization dedicated to transforming existing models of education and development.

Wisdom: A First Approximation by Don Cochrane. University of Saskatchewan professor Don Cochrane's views on the subject.

What is Wisdom? by Alan Nordstrom. In this short but moving essay, Professor Nordstrom tells us that Wisdom is our Way Out from Folly.

Playing the Wisdom Game by Copthorne Macdonald. An essay that appears in the 2006 book Living a Life of Value, here with added illustrations.

Introduction to Getting a Life by Copthorne Macdonald. Comments on the nature of Practical Wisdom, as Aristotle called it.

Chapter 1 of Toward Wisdom by Copthorne Macdonald. More about the nature of wisdom; here primarily Aristotle's other variety of wisdom: Existential/Metaphysical Wisdom.

Sophology: The Study of Wisdom, an essay on the nature and development of wisdom by Glenn Shipley, is part of his website.

The Dance of Polarization by Andrew Bard Schmookler. In this essay Schmookler deals with the polarization-integrating aspect of wisdom.

What is Wisdom? asks Douglas Reay.  He presents his own and other's thoughts on the subject.